TenGenix Male Enhancement Pills

The Science

The popularity of TenGenix has reached fever-pitch, and it’s only a matter of time before it was made available on the world’s biggest online marketplace – Amazon.com. Although TenGenix had only been released for a few months, its popularity pushed its marketers to make it available on Amazon.com to reach a wider audience. Amazon.com has a vast number of male enhancement pills on its database, and the addition of TenGenix is set to shake things up.

TenGenix is in a unique position to change the perception of customers towards male enhancement pills. It’s the first penis enlargement pill to clearly outline the science behind its formula, and it only shows how TenGenix is decades ahead of its competition. Dozens of male enhancement products get featured on Amazon.com, but being featured on the website does not mean that the product is effective. If anything, it suggests that the product’s manufacturers are willing to pay anyone anything just to have their pills sold.

The makers of TenGenix believe that great products sell themselves with little effort, and that has been the ticket of TenGenix to success. Unlike majority of the male enhancement products on Amazon.com that spend heavily on endorsements and advertising, TenGenix has invested in the one thing that matters – science.

TenGenix is the only penis enlargement pill proven by science to work.

A clear explanation of what each component does is outlined on the website of TenGenix for everyone to see, and for anyone who is interested in checking these out, you can visit the website at www.TenGenix.com

As with any male enhancement supplement, scrutiny is expected – and if anything, scrutiny is the blueprint of the TenGenix formula. TenGenix understands that the formula is the most important aspect of the product. That’s why they made sure that the formula is bulletproof. The TenGenix formula is reinforced with scientific proof that can be VERIFIED through various sources – including the National Center for Biotechnology Information. TenGenix’s formula is the only formula available on Amazon.com that is backed by scientific findings and clinical tests to prove its effectiveness.

How TenGenix Works

It’s important to understand what components TenGenix has in order to understand how the formula works.

TenGenix uses a holistic approach to male enhancement, which means that it aims to take care of libido loss, erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual endurance, and penis enlargement. It’s a tall order for a male enhancement supplement, but the people behind the formula have figured out a way to make it happen.

The APEX Technology

The TenGenix formula is made with the APEX (Accelerated Penile Expansion) Technology. The formula reacts quickly after being ingested, and its initial effects could be observed in as quickly as 30 minutes after taking the first dose. The initial reaction of the product focuses solely on eliminating the factors that affect erectile dysfunction. Through the use of fast-absorbing aphrodisiacs and natural PDE-5 inhibitors, TenGenix could be taken as an alternative to erectile dysfunction medicine. The makers of TenGenix understand that many of its customers only take the pills as-needed, and by having a formula that is absorbed quickly, it makes TenGenix a male enhancement pill that can fulfill both roles.

The TenGenix Synergy

The initial reaction of TenGenix sets the perfect conditions for its long-term components to take effect. Nitric oxide boosters are absorbed by the body, which helps to dilate the blood vessels. Nitric oxide combines with GMP to create the enzyme cGMP, which relaxes the arteries and widens the passage to allow more blood to pass through.

The increased volume of blood that flows to the penis is the core process that ultimately triggers penis enlargement. The lingering effect of PDE-5 inhibitors contribute to the effectiveness of nitric oxide boosters. Essentially, phosphodiesterase-5 restricts the ability of cGMP to dilate blood vessels. By inhibiting PDE-5, cGMP reaches peak effectiveness.

The effects of nitric oxide boosters have a tendency to dilate blood vessels in other parts of the body. The nitric oxide-boosting component of TenGenix is L-Arginine, a popular bodybuilding supplement ingredient that increases pump and muscle strength. Vasodilation on other areas of the body would reduce the pressure of blood that flows to the penis. Reduced pressure would trigger an erection, but it would not create a penis enlargement effect sans pressure. This problem is solved with the potent aphrodisiac compounds in TenGenix. Aphrodisiac compounds boost testosterone levels, which makes the body more responsive to sexual stimulus. When the body responds to sexual stimulus, certain blood vessels in the body contract to focus the blood flow to the penis. Consistent increased blood volume and pressure would trigger the penile tissue to expand permanently to adapt to the increased blood flow. This effect makes the penis longer and thicker in appearance.

TenGenix’s own clinical test concludes that frequent sex could contribute to penis enlargement IF you are taking TenGenix. That’s why they included a hormone-balancing agent that ensures that your libido is in check to prevent premature ejaculation, and that your refractory period is greatly reduced. The refractory period is what makes men lack the enthusiasm for sex after experiencing an orgasm. The refractory period in men lasts longer as men age. TenGenix works by inhibiting the neurotransmitters responsible for prolonging the refractory period to enable men to have full control of how frequent they want to have sex, and how intense they want their orgasms to be.

No other pill like TenGenix

Male enhancement supplements have been around for decades, and now is the first time that a company had invested heavily on research and development to improve the product itself. TenGenix is definitely a one of a kind supplement designed to help men improve all aspects of their sexual health.

See what TenGenix can do for you

Whether you’re a young stud or a middle-aged man looking to spice up his sex life, TenGenix could do wonders for you. Now is your chance to get your hands on the best penis enlargement pill on the market today. Experience TenGenix for yourself and find out what you’ve been missing out on!

What are the typical results seen with Tengenix?

Within 8-12 weeks, you can expect to see the following benefits to your sex life:

  1. Up to 4 inches in penis size increases, both in length and girth
  2. Over 250% increase in sex-drive that is permanent
  3. Over 250% increase in sexual performance and energy that is permanent
  4. Boost in confidence and happiness
Great Results From TenGenix

Tengenix Amazon Conclusion

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