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The Ingredients

When shopping for supplements on Amazon.com, what’s the first thing that you check?

Based on our own research, we found out that the majority of Amazon.com users do not fully check the merits of the product. There are a number of factors that make them want to buy the product, and surprisingly, what should be the most significant decision-making factor, is what gets ignored the most.

For many people who shop online – not only at Amazon.com or other similar websites, the decision-making factor is either the price, or how good the packaging is. For some Amazon.com users, they rely on user reviews on the page to help them make a purchasing decision. While these are all valid concerns before buying a product, you shouldn’t miss out on the most important decision-making factor – the ingredients.

The ingredients of the product is what makes or breaks the product. A product with crafty advertising would not affect the effectiveness of the product. That’s why it matters to conduct a little bit of checking yourself before rushing to buy a supplement online. Amazon.com has a lot of hidden gems, especially in the supplement market, and all you need to do is to Google it yourself to see if it can really do what it says it would.

The TenGenix difference

As a newcomer in the industry, many did not take TenGenix seriously until the buzz about the pill started to pick up steam in various review aggregate websites. TenGenix practically grew overnight, with dozens of verified users sharing their positive experiences with the new male enhancement pill. Shortly after, people who took a special interest in TenGenix took the formula apart and realized that they almost passed on the most comprehensive male enhancement supplement ever made.

TenGenix is more than just a male enhancement pill – it’s the ULTIMATE formula for men. It aims to give men the complete sexual health overhaul by enhancing size, libido, and endurance, all in one pill. While this has never been achieved by any other pill on the market, the people behind TenGenix knew that it would all boil down to the ingredients.

TenGenix spent more than 2 years in research & development, and during those times, the product went through numerous overhauls just to get the product right. The release of the pill was delayed for more than a year for the pursuit of perfection, and the result is nothing short of amazing. The ingenious combination of ingredients sets TenGenix apart from its competition.

Take a look at what’s inside the TenGenix powerhouse pill:

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is the world’s most popular aphrodisiac. For decades, Tongkat Ali was known as the herbal alternative to the famed blue pill – and for a good reason. Aside from its powerful aphrodisiac benefits, Tongkat Ali has even better success as a PDE-5 inhibitor, which makes it similar to Viagra, Levitra, and other similar medication. Tongkat Ali potentiates erections by dilating the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. Combined with its aphrodisiac effects, it helps focus blood flow to the penis to force it to expand permanently. Tongkat Ali also inhibits free calcium, a type of calcium that causes a man to become flaccid in awkward moments during sex.

Maca Root

You might have heard of Maca Root in the morning news. The amount of press that this supplement had over the past couple of years have been amazing. Experts and nutritionists agree that maca root is changing the way people think about sexual health supplements. After all, maca root is one of the few supplement ingredients that are known to be effective in both men and women. Maca root has a special role in TenGenix as it is the primary hormone-regulating ingredient. Maca root keeps testosterone in the appropriate levels to prevent premature ejaculation. It also helps inhibit certain chemicals in the brain that makes men feel uninterested in sex in the moments following an orgasm.


If you are a bodybuilder, chances are, you’ve encountered L-Arginine already. L-Arginine is one of the most common ingredients for ‘pump’ supplements, or the type of supplements that improve strength, recovery, and endurance. L-arginine could be also found in certain hair growing compounds. While L-arginine is quite common in the market, highly-concentrated extracts of L-Arginine makes all the difference for TenGenix. L-Arginine acts as a precursor for nitric oxide. Nitric oxide then combines with GMP to form cGMP, or the enzyme responsible for triggering an erection.

L-Arginine works in conjunction with PDE-5 inhibitors and aphrodisiacs. L-Arginine triggers vasodilation for some of the blood vessels outside of the groin area, and blood dilation on other areas of the body would likely lower the pressure and volume of blood that makes the penis bigger. Aphrodisiacs trigger chemicals in the brain to send signals to the other blood vessels to contract in order to focus the blood flow to the penis. Over time, the increased blood flow would trigger the elastic tissue to expand, creating a longer, thicker penis.

Tribulus Terrestris

TenGenix uses a secondary aphrodisiac and natural PDE-5 inhibitor in Tribulus Terrestris. Athletes and bodybuilders who have taken testosterone supplements may be familiar with tribulus terrestris as it is one of the common ingredients that you’ll find in a testosterone supplement. However, it fulfils a much more important role in TenGenix – it amplifies the effects of PDE-5 inhibitors and nitric oxide boosters by allowing the body to experience more erections, which helps the body in its long-term goal of making the penis bigger.

Your best bet on Amazon.com

TenGenix is the first and last male enhancement supplement that you should ever consider on Amazon.com or on any other website today. TenGenix is the most comprehensive male enhancement supplement ever made, and now it’s within your reach.

Experience TenGenix for yourself! Buy your first bottle of TenGenix and see what you’ve been missing out on. Be the man you’ve always wanted to be with TenGenix!

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What are the typical results seen with Tengenix?

Within 8-12 weeks, you can expect to see the following benefits to your sex life:

  1. Up to 4 inches in penis size increases, both in length and girth
  2. Over 250% increase in sex-drive that is permanent
  3. Over 250% increase in sexual performance and energy that is permanent
  4. Boost in confidence and happiness
Great Results From TenGenix

Tengenix Amazon Conclusion

Based on the above information, you should absolutely steer clear of Amazon and eBay when ordering Tengenix. You will only be hurting yourself, even if you get it for a few bucks cheaper.

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